One of the Nations Largest Electrical Distributors

Making Your Electrical Purchasing Process Easier.

Here at CED we are dedicated to making sure that your electrical needs are met efficiently by our team. Pair up with one of our salesmen to call in orders ahead of time, meet to advise on products or just to have someone who can help you with your electrical needs.

Electrical Products in Stock


CED stocks a wide variety of electrical products to service any/all of your electrical needs. What we don't offer we can order as we have access to all major brands throughout the industry.

Product Consultation


Not only do we supply your electrical products, but we will advise you on jobs and products that you may need. With extensive training we can provide you with product improvements that will save you labor time and long-term costs.

Job Site Delivery


At CED not only can you come to our counter and pick up products that you need on the go, but we will also deliver them to where your jobs are with our CED trucks.